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Better Dog Walking Equipment

Ever wonder if you are using the right equipment to walk your dog? If you answer, yes, to any of the following questions, you should know that there are some wonderful equipment options available today that could ease your worried mind. 

I sometimes worry that my dog:

  •  is being physically injured by the equipment combination I currently use.

  • will injure me if he pulls too hard on the leash.

  • will slip out of the equipment currently used.

  • Martingale Collar

    The Martingale Collar - Like a flat/buckle collar but with an extra loop that tightens when the dog pulls, preventing the collar from slipping off the dog's head.

    Best used if:

    • You want to use a flat collar but worry that it might slip over your dogs head.  This collar has a limited slip section that allows for a very snug fit but should never choke.







    The Body Harness - There are two different types of body harnesses on the market today. The ‘control’ body harness that is used to inhibit pulling behavior and the ‘standard’ body harness that allows your dog to put their full body weight into pulling. 


    The ‘control’ body harness is best used if:

    • Your dog pulls on leash and you would like to reduce the intensity with which he can pull.
    • Your dog has a neck injury.
    • You are worried that your dog might slip out of his current equipment.



    Easy Walk Harness is Pictured

    Easy Walk harness diagram



    Dog HarnessThe ‘standard’ body harness is best used if:·  

    • You will be walking your dog with a retractable lead. This is the only piece of equipment that should be used in combination with a retractable lead in my opinion. 
    • You would like your dog to pull you on a skateboard, bike or sled.
    • You have a dog under 20lbs. Collars can easily damage the trachea of small dogs. This harness also allows you to do safe ‘emergency lifts’ if necessary. 
    • You are worried that your dog might slip out of his current equipment.
    • It can also be used as in combination with a seat-belt or temporary tie-out.

    You should not use a ‘standard’ harness unless you are strong enough to control your dog even if he bolts.

    Surefit Harness is Pictured


    Correctly fitted collar

    The Head Halter - Similar in design to a horse halter, it has a strap that wraps over the dogs muzzle. These are very popular with service dog handlers as they provide a very high level of control with minimal effort. They are excellent choice for handlers with physical disabilities and strong dogs with bad manners. 

    Best used if:

    • Your dog is difficult to handle on-leash.
    • You are worried that you might be injured if your dog pulls on-leash.
    • You are unable to control your dog if he pulls too hard.
    • Your dog barks and lunges while on lead.


    The Gentle Leader Head Halter is Pictured


    holistic dog leash

    The Bungee Leash – this is a nylon leash with a bungee section. The strength of the bungee section is determined by the weight of your dog. The bungee provides resistance so that the harder your dog pulls, the harder it is to pull.

     Best used if:

    • You want to something to help absorb your dogs pulling power and eliminate all the hard shocks felt when he hits the end of the leash.


    Leash by Larz Equipment is pictured


    sample dual lead

    The Multipurpose or Double Ended Leash  - I love this leash and am surprised I don’t see it more often.  This leash can be adjusted to several different lengths, worn in several different ways and can even be used to walk two dogs at once. It can be carried in-hand or crossed over the chest. I’ve found it especially beneficial for walking dogs over 40lbs.When crossed over the chest any pressure from pulling is distributed over your torso instead of through your arm.

    Best used if:

    • You would like to walk hands-free.
    • You have hand, wrist, arm or shoulder injuries.
    • You want a multipurpose lead.


    Convenient 2 Way Nylon Coupler

    The Coupler – This is a ‘Y’ shaped device that is used to attach a single leash to two collars.  Couplers have the wonderful effect of transferring energy between dogs instead of man.  

    Best used if:

    • You would like to walk two dogs with one leash, side-by-side.

     Some of the equipment described in this article can be difficult to find in stores but every item is readily available through the Internet.

    Cynthia Edgerly, owner of Bingo! Dog Training in Watsonville, California, is a Professional Dog Trainer & Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.   To contact Cynthia please go to her website:  http://www.bingodogtraining.com  or Phone: Phone: (831) 768-9308 or (408) 335-8745. 


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